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Manège Mustang is a small but friendly riding school in De Haan. At the forest’s edge and within short distance to the beach, it is the perfect starting point for well-varied outdoor horseback rides. Respect for both horse and rider is one of our core values.

Our pleasant guided walks (Easter to October) are for experienced riders only. A comfortable mastery of trot, canter and gallop is required, as all of these are part of the walks. We will verify your ability before letting you take out our horses. For young riders (min. 12 years of age) we recommend the A level certificate. However, if the young rider can demonstrate sufficient aptitude, he/she may join the walk (with parental consent) after a practical test.

A standard walk lasts about 2 hours (beach, dunes, forest) and costs 50 € for non-members.

Enjoy our walk on Youtube .

Manège Mustang is not liable for any accidents involving non-members. 

During school holidays, horses are not allowed (by law) on the beach between the hours of 10am and 7pm. Therefore, walks in these periods start at 6h30 pm.  

For non-experienced riders, private classes (1 rider only) can be organized (25€/ 30 min).

We also rent out our stables on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, which included the use of the indoor and outdoor arenas. Only tenants with a yearly arrangement can avail of access to the grazing meadows.

Reservations (stables rental, classes, walks) are accepted by telephone only. Contact Sabine at +32 497 813347.  Always check in with us once more, a few days before your booked event, to check for any changes in our planning. Please also let us know if you won’t be able to make it.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for a pleasant ride in Manège Mustang or for a drink on our lovely terrace. For any further queries you may have, please use the contact form or call us on +32 497 813347. 


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